Overall facility management


Owners and lessees of offices in administrative buildings are convinced that they save money by leaving the maintenance and repairs to their managers, and they in turn transfer the tasks to their staff or to individual persons for the respective activities. The truth is that if your staff is attentive to their customers they should not be having any time to carry out Facility Management- cleaning, repair and maintenance. Their primary activities must be those generating more revenues for your business. By hiring Hausmeister AD as a professional and specified facility manager to service your building, you can remain calm about your business and properties and rest assured that they are taken care of by professionals following established quality standards.



Technical maintenance



We provide overall maintenance of your residential or administrative building, as well as the adjoining facilities and systems. Cares for a building include services of technical and infrastructural nature. Our purpose is to ensure favorable and secure environment for life and work in a certain building.


The services of overall building maintenance include activities on:


  • maintenance of exterior platforms, lanes, sidewalks and greened areas;
  • maintenance of underground and above-ground parking areas;
  • maintenance of water facilities, swimming pools, fountains, etc.;
  • overall maintenance of systems in buildings and facilities. The maintenance includes assessment of the status, planned preventive maintenance, service, statutory established tests and periodical tests of all systems and facilities in the building;
  • emergency power supply systems - UPS systems and diesel generators;
  • air-conditioning systems - VRV, VAV, VRF separate split systems, fan convectors;
  • ventilation systems – air ducts, suction ventilators, filters, etc;
  • electric systems;
  • main switchboards, low and high voltage;
  • transformer points;
  • heating systems;
  • elevator units;
  • fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems;
  • firefighting equipment;
  • WS&S systems, hydrophor systems and channel pumps;
  • video surveillance, cable TV and telephone system.
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