Property insurance




  • Insurance of the property against damages during the repairs - normally fall within the exceptions under property insurances.
  • It is not “professional liability”. The employer is insured, including many different employers.
  • The existing property is insured without requiring any preliminary inspections and lists
  • Different sites - no preliminary approval of investment designs is necessary.



Good performance guarantee



Property liability


  • repair activities;
  • existing property


General third party liability


  • Insured liability of Hausmeister and its subcontractors for any property and non-property damages inflicted to any third persons (neighbors, occasional passers-by)


What risks are covered?


Any sudden and unforeseen damages, among which:


  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion;
  • Flood, Heavy rain, Storm;
  • Earthquake, Landslide, Sliding of earth masses and rocks;
  • Malicious acts by third parties;
  • Theft (committed by third parties);
  • Errors, lack of skills;
  • Damages inflicted to existing property.


Other conditions


  • 6 month guarantee period;
  • leading Austrian insurer with traditions and representation offices in the whole country.