Dry construction

You are probably aware that the materials for dry construction can aid the realization of the ideas and fantasies of architects and designers, who, becoming familiar with the functionalities of the material, take on ever greater challenges. This is a modern and rational method of construction, reconstruction and renovation of interior spaces through which you can spare both time and costs.

But before starting the construction of partitioning walls, suspended ceilings and double floors, it must be decided where to place them and what their type should be, that is, you should have available accurate design in order to avoid costly errors. The expert will help you take the right decision on their layout, on the selection of materials and on development of the design, and if necessary, on the more optimal use of the space.

Hausmeister has extensive experience in space restructuring, gives professional advice on how to adapt a room in the most successful manner, offers interior solutions before the construction starts, and then performs the construction or repairs, including the building of partitioning walls and suspended ceilings, linings and decorative elements of gypsum plasterboard, and everything else that the customer may need.

Gypsum plasterboard



The foundation in dry construction is made with gypsum plasterboard panels. Their аdvantages are incontestable – they is durable, ecologically friendly, light after impregnation and moist-resistant, fire-resistant, insulating materials and optimal means for achievement of functional and efficient solutions. Gypsum plasterboard is vapor-permeable, that is, it can "breathe" due to the great number of pores in gypsum. And this means that it regulates relative humidity in the premises - when it increases, gypsum plasterboard absorbs it and releases it again after the air becomes dry. And what is especially important in the hectic way of life nowadays - everything happens fast, without wet and dirty processes, and the result is aesthetic vision at reasonable price.

This construction method enables the attainment of various interior effects as well; hides defects of the shell construction, as well as pipes and angles that do not have to be visible.  

It is important to choose a suitable gypsum plasterboard brand. Certainly, the customer has the final word in the selection of a specific brand, but Hausmeister will consult you on the most suitable material for your specific case. In combination with the masonry services that we offer, you will obtain within short terms a completed design with a vision meeting your particular requirements.

Заявка за оглед

What makes us different?

  • Correct 24-hour acceptance of online orders for repairs through the website and at an easy-to-remember telephone number;
  • Prompt inspection and meticulous detailed quotation;
  • Contract and assuming of guarantees for price, term and quality;
  • Neat and clean masters behaving politely and keeping your peace of mind about your home repairs;
  • Cleaning up of the working site at the end of the day, disposal of waste and arranging the cleaned tools;
  • Completion within the set term and delivery of the site with Form-Deed 19 (certificate of completed building and finishing works);
  • Issuance of payment document and assuming all statutory guarantees about the repair;
  • Insurance of the property with the innovative insurance “Trusted Master”
  • Inclusion of each customer in the Loyal Customer Programme.


We provide you with all the masters necessary for overall repairs and you agree with one contract only.

Cordial and clean

Our masters are obliged to speak with the customers in a polite manner and adhere to certain standards of personal hygiene, cleanliness of their working apparel and shoes.

We work as we would do in our own home

With the care to leave a perfectly cleaned and ordered site behind us. And since we perfect home repairs down to the last details, we can also take care of the cleaning and transporting of waste after completion of the repair or finishing works.

We are precise

We perform our engagement for overall repairs and maintenance within the agreed term.
German precision and procured financing for the repairs.

We bear material responsibility

Home repairs sometimes lead to unforeseen damages and we have considered this either. Hausmeister introduces in Bulgaria the European practice of insuring your property against damages occurring during repairs. The insurance is completely free of charge and guarantees greater security for you.