Real estate transactions




An indispensable part of the services related to the management, maintenance, repairs and cares for properties, are the real estate transactions, as a result of which same are bought, sold, or leased. In order to keep the main focus on supply and performance of the complex pool of services of management, maintenance, repair, and care for the properties, but at the same time to offer its customers quick, correct and quality service, Hausmeister AD has established partnership relations with leading and proven real estate agencies on the territory of the entire country.


Thanks to its trusted partners Hausmeister AD is able to provide its customers at any time and in any populated area with full support and assistance before, during and after a particular transaction for sale and purchase or leasing of a real estate. The spectrum of services includes:


  • searching for a property as per set criteria;
  • arranging and carrying out inspections;
  • elaboration of comparative market analyses;
  • conducting negotiations on prices and conditions of a transaction;
  • full legal, accounting and financial assistance;
  • verification, preparation and obtaining of all the necessary documents required for the relevant transaction;
  • assistance in the executing the transaction – payment of all taxes and fees, obtaining documents from institutions;
  • inspection of the relevant property and drawing up of a document evidencing its condition,
  • and more.



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