Overall facility management


Owners and lessees of offices in administrative buildings are convinced that they save money by leaving the maintenance and repairs to their managers, and they in turn transfer the tasks to their staff or to individual persons for the respective activities. The truth is that if your staff is attentive to their customers they should not be having any time to carry out Facility Management- cleaning, repair and maintenance. Their primary activities must be those generating more revenues for your business. By hiring Hausmeister AD as a professional and specified facility manager to service your building, you can remain calm about your business and properties and rest assured that they are taken care of by professionals following established quality standards.



Other services



Security services

One of the most important factors for good Facility Management is precisely good security, thanks to which the building for which Hausmeister AD takes care turns into a safer and secure place to work and live in. Hausmeister AD offers security services in cooperation with experts in this field of operation with modern security solutions and professional servicing. In the sphere of security services we offer:


  • physical security of the property;
  • centralized security of the buildings;
  • security advice;
  • development of high-quality and innovative complex solutions for security-related issues;
  • video surveillance;
  • access control, etc.




By this service we offer you:


  • the collection of any due charges is performed on our part by site visit or via individual electronic settlement;
  • payment of bills for electricity, water and other expenses related to the condominium;
  • keeping of cash book;
  • keeping and updating of archive of various payment documents.


Reception desk services


Hausmeister AD offers management of your reception desk by an experienced employee having the respective professional skills and being fluent in at least one foreign language. The service includes:


  • ongoing information services for the occupants and visitors of the building, answering phone calls, receiving mail, etc.;
  • receiving and accommodating guests and visitors;
  • control over the monitoring system of the tenants and visitors in the building;
  • obligations arisen out of the fire and evacuation safety rules and other regulations related to the prevention of any problems in the building;
  • administration of keys;
  • keeping the required documentation.


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