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Facility Management is an integrated business approach that saves money, time and efforts of the owners of buildings and sites, as well as of the people using them. The main activity of the Facility Management is planning, management and creation of an optimal environment for the main processes within an organization. The rules and procedures for the activity and scope of Facility Management are reviewed and set under European Standard PrEN 15221, as follows:


  • “Environment and infrastructure” (planning, design, construction, leasing, employment, maintenance management, cleaning, etc.);
  • “People and organization” (HR management, marketing, health services, accounting, information and communication technologies, security and safety, etc.).


Facility Management includes all types of business processes, including cares for offices, commercial or institutional buildings - hospitals, hotels, office buildings, business parks, trade centers (malls), stadiums, arenas, halls, universities, schools, congress centers, etc. The facility manager ensures customer satisfaction and enhances the efficiency of their main activity by reducing their expenses, provides efficient and prompt services and creates competitive advantage for the main activity of the organization.


Nowadays Facility Management is positioned and continues to impose itself in the dynamic professional sphere as an essential and necessary component of modern business.


About the need of facility management.


Owners and lessees of office in administrative buildings are convinced that they save money by leaving the maintenance and repairs to their managers, and they in turn transfer the tasks to their staff or to individual persons for the respective activities. The truth is that if your staff is attentive to their customers they should not be having any time to carry out Facility Management - cleaning, repair and maintenance. Their primary activities must be those generating more revenues for your business. By hiring Hausmeister AD as a professional and specified facility manager to service your building, you can stop worrying about your business and properties and rest assured that they are taken care of by professionals following established quality standards.


The main reasons for the choice of Hausmeister AD for your complex maintenance are:


  • we work for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
  • you economize the salaries of the permanent and ancillary personnel, as well as the accompanying taxes and charges;
  • we cut your expenses. Following our working standard, we negotiate the best possible prices with suppliers of goods and service providers based on the volumes that we achieve by working for our customers;
  • we diminish the need of subcontractors, employees, materials, and most of all, we spare your time, energy and funds by freeing you from the responsibility of direct control;
  • we aspire at reducing the risk to the possible minimum. The risk for you decreases through analysis, planning, and taking measures in emergency situations;
  • we assume responsibility. Our approach of accurate and precise calculation of the work performed guarantees accountability, transparency and satisfaction of the customer;
  • we work individually with every customer in order to ensure a maximally efficient service which is expedient in view of your needs and conditions.
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