Building a house

First on the list is the selection of a land plot. If you have your own land plot and wish to build it up, then the answer to this question is clear. If you have to buy a land plot, you should decide on its exact location. It is very important whether the land plot is regulated landed property (RLP) or not. In the event that the land plot falls beyond the land zoning plans, you can obtain design visa, but you will not obtain any construction permit. In order to reach the final stage of construction, i.e., the property is regulated and commissioned, the land plot that you buy should be regulated or if not - should be subject to regulating.


Make some inquiry as to the structure of the land on which you are going to build! The existence of any landslides is of great importance as well.


If you have already chosen a land plot, make an inquiry at the respective municipality what the land status is, what can be built on this land plot - area, what are the allowed distances, number of floors, etc., and check in the subterranean cadastre plan if there are any underground facilities - cables, pipelines, etc. and in the surface cadastre plan - any high voltage power lines. It is very important that the respective power distribution company must confirm that the property can be connected to the distribution grid. Not insignificant is also the issue of water supply and sewage pipelines.

Meet the owner of the land and inquire and request a copy of the title deed certifying the ownership of the land plot.
If you have decided to buy the land plot with a building on it – an old house for demolition or a new house, check whether the title over such house is established in the title deed with a term and whether the house or land has two different owners. Pursuant to Art. 65. of the Property Act: "When the title over the building is established with a term, after the expiry thereof the ownership over the building passes gratuitously to the owner of the land.”


The next step is legalization of the construction.


After you have finalized the legalization as well, shell construction comes next.


And while the shell construction of your dream home is in progress, you can think about the interior design, about the color and arranging of the furniture.


In the event of a house overhaul, the work is plenty, and by using the services of a company, you are freed from any loss of time related to the supply of materials, looking for masters and you avoid the troubles with any unserious workers whom you may come across. And in the end you will obtain a guarantee for the work completed by Hausmeister AD.