Investment construction






At Hausmeister we have introduced procedures and policy for investment construction, a part of which includes the following stages and activities related to investment design:


  • preliminary investment research;
  • design assignment;
  • elaboration of conceptual design;
  • elaboration of technical design.


Preliminary investment research

Technological research for selection of quotation, offering optimal conditions.

Design assignment

Review and specifying of input data necessary for the elaboration and approval of the project, related to:


  • requirements as regards the site;
  • designing phases;
  • basic technical, economic, technological, functional and planning & constructional requirements regarding the site;
  • main functional and constructional parameters of the site.


Elaboration of conceptual design


  • drawings (technological plans and schemes) clarifying the design solutions being offered;
  • explanatory note clarifying the offered design solutions.


Elaboration of technical design


  • definitive drawings (distributions, cross-sections) reflecting the accepted design and technological solutions;
  • explanatory note reflecting the accepted design technological solutions;
  • technological calculations justifying the design solution.


Activities related to investment design:

Activities related to investment design:

  • vertical planning

The vertical planning design (VPD) of a populated area envisages the necessary alteration of the landforms in the area in view of modeling and adjusting same to the requirements related to construction, drainage, and transport at the most expedient and economical performance of earthworks, including their relocating, and gives a general idea about the appearance of a territory that is to be developed.

  • VPD plans

They are elaborated for populated areas or other built-up areas or parts thereof in compliance with their approved general and detailed zoning plans (GZP), their construction and land regulation plans (CLRP) and the detailed construction plans for the respective quarter or town.

The VP plans have the designation to create conditions, through transformation of the existing landforms on the terrain, for functional and harmonious development of the living environment in all of its aspects - accommodation, labour, recreation, etc.

procedure for change of status of agricultural lands

The procedure includes all stages until the issuance of decision on changed designation.

Ongoing projects


One-family house, Bistritsa

Repair of a house in the city of Sofia, Bistritsa quarter. <br />