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Interior design makes our homes cozy and functional, our offices – pleasant to work in, makes shops, hotels and food outlets attractive. That is why you should not ignore professional help- it will not only guarantee great results for you, but will also help you gain more customers!

A good interior designer is familiar both with the materials and furniture of the most exquisite quality being sold on the market, and with the latest novelties and trends in furnishing and will offer you the best for your specific requirements and the available capacities of the interior in question, within the envisaged budget. At Hausmeister we are professionals able to provide you not only with that service, but also with the implementation of the proposed interior solutions at affordable prices and without the usual accompanying stress and troubles.

It is good to remember also that for each type of interior there are specific requirements and apartment design for instance, substantially differs from the design of a hotel or a food outlet. And behind the brilliance and elegance of a given interior solution there is always a period of research, designing, coordinating and many other processes for which we can be useful.


Design sells – this fact is universally known and it is hardly necessary to convince anyone in its veracity. It is not by chance that the Apple stores design (not only in the US, but since recently in the EU as well) is a protected brand and all competitors of Apple are prohibited from copying the typical for the company worldwide spacious and well-lit premises wherein products are displayed freely on tables.

And every one of us has suddenly sensed an overwhelming desire to enter a particular store only because we have liked its interior, no matter whether we need the products being sold . And frequently we find ourselves with a surprising purchase. Because the design of a shop, or a food outlet, has the task of making us dream, find inspiration.

Last but not least, what is important for the efficiency of a store is the proper planning of all activities and the convenience – of its employees and of the visitors alike. The interior designer is in charge of all this.

Hausmeister will offer you such design that will spare you all the headache during the process of designing a project and its implementation. Call us!

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