Interior solutions

Interior design makes our homes cozy and functional, our offices – pleasant to work in, makes shops, hotels and food outlets attractive. That is why you should not ignore professional help- it will not only guarantee great results for you, but will also help you gain more customers!

A good interior designer is familiar both with the materials and furniture of the most exquisite quality being sold on the market, and with the latest novelties and trends in furnishing and will offer you the best for your specific requirements and the available capacities of the interior in question, within the envisaged budget. At Hausmeister we are professionals able to provide you not only with that service, but also with the implementation of the proposed interior solutions at affordable prices and without the usual accompanying stress and troubles.

It is good to remember also that for each type of interior there are specific requirements and apartment design for instance, substantially differs from the design of a hotel or a food outlet. And behind the brilliance and elegance of a given interior solution there is always a period of research, designing, coordinating and many other processes for which we can be useful.

Food outlets 


In a world where an increasing significance is attributed to the experience, the sensation, the wish always to try new things, one after another, food outlet design is a sphere in which interior design can let its imagination ride entirely free. Because the main thing in a food outlet is its environment. It must make us dream, relax and enjoy. Irrespective of the type of the food outlet in question, it must have its own character, theme, a focus around which the interior design can build on, a history to be narrated or implied; and attract visitors not only with good food, but also with the possibility to make them feel in a different way.  

At the same time, the adequate functioning and good organization of all entertainment zones is a must. In order to accomplish such project, it is necessary to have the requisite experience, knowledge of the working processes in the food outlet, plus loads of imagination.

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