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Interior design makes our homes cozy and functional, our offices – pleasant to work in, makes shops, hotels and food outlets attractive. That is why you should not ignore professional help- it will not only guarantee great results for you, but will also help you gain more customers!

A good interior designer is familiar both with the materials and furniture of the most exquisite quality being sold on the market, and with the latest novelties and trends in furnishing and will offer you the best for your specific requirements and the available capacities of the interior in question, within the envisaged budget. At Hausmeister we are professionals able to provide you not only with that service, but also with the implementation of the proposed interior solutions at affordable prices and without the usual accompanying stress and troubles.

It is good to remember also that for each type of interior there are specific requirements and apartment design for instance, substantially differs from the design of a hotel or a food outlet. And behind the brilliance and elegance of a given interior solution there is always a period of research, designing, coordinating and many other processes for which we can be useful.



We associate interior design of apartments most often with a comparatively limited space, in which we have to position the maximum number of functions. And this requires most precise planning and detailed acquaintance with the habits of the occupants, their personal preferences, tastes and requirements for each one of the occupied zones. Whether some cooking will be done in the kitchen, how many persons will cook simultaneously? Whether it is a must to place a bathtub in the small bathroom, and where is the most suitable place to organize a working area? All these questions, as well as many more, must find an answer during our preliminary talks with you so as to enable our designer offer you a project with the best possible comfortable and functional spatial arrangement.
Maybe you already have you own vision regarding the style of your new interior – this would facilitate us in our choice of furnishings that we will offer. But if you want to know what are the latest novelties and trends in interior design, which you will probably like, our designers would gladly present them to you.
Possibly they will also give you an idea of a better solution to an existing problem – our professional view and experience will be useful to you.

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