Individual design

Every interior design project for a specific customer is individual because everyone is different and has his or her own preferences, tastes, interests. In addition, the interior space for which a design project is needed, usually on each single occasion, has different characteristics. So that we always work according to the individual requirements of the specific client, but the projects may differ in type and content subject to your requirements.

If you need overall detailed interior design plans, schemes and 3-D visualizations, the project will be considerably more detailed and extensive. But if you need only an idea about the functional layout of the interior, then a plan only will probably be sufficient for you.  

Sometimes customers come to us only with the requirement for quick refreshment of a given interior space – then the service is rather decoration or redesign, the description of which follows below. It is well known that in interior design ready-made modules are frequently used (for instance, in kitchens), which may be changed in color, materials and dimensions.

Then we develop a precise project complied with the conditions in your apartment and your preferences and assign the implementation to a contractor selected together with you and checked on our part. But it often happens for an apartment to differ from the standard layout by having curved shapes instead of straight corners, or having inconvenient dimensions.


This imposes the design of customized furniture and compliance of the overall interior design with that. Alternatively, the owners have very specific requirements for which the design according to individual dimensions is necessary, or production of all the furniture under individual order. This may be described as the so-called “boutique design” that requires a very detailed design and documentation in order to be implemented by order, but that will make your apartment unique and exquisite.  


Whatever your preferences might be, Hausmeister will help you implement them in the easiest and most affordable manner.



It seems to you that the rooms in your home are a little bit obsolete and need renovation? Or you are looking for a way to refresh them, but you have not envisaged any funds for major repairs. Then you can make use of the so-called redesign.
This is a comparatively newly emerging service in the field of interior design, which became popular as a result of the economic crisis and in brief, it lets us renovate our home with little investment and for a very short period. Or to change the function of a given room with the fewest possible expenses. How? With the help of looking through the eyes of someone else, someone who is a professional.

The interior designer is able to see opportunities that you have never even think of; and by small changes, having great effect however, make the children’s room into a working study or a nice guest room, for instance; or renovate the living room that you are fed up only with a bit of a wallpaper, paint or relocation and addition of something new and fresh in it.

Usually, when redesigning, the furniture and accessories available in the home are used and the sought change is achieved within a day through reorganizing and professional approach. At low cost and without any troubles.

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