Furnishings – model solutions

Hausmeister offers complete interior solutions, from the initial idea through to its ultimate realization. In order to facilitate your choice, we have selected some completed model solutions for each room that may serve you as inspiration or idea for your own home. You can review our proposals – it is much likely for you to come across your potential new bathroom, kitchen or living room among them!

We are clearly aware of the latest trends in furnishing, we know the highest quality products and we work with the best companies in the sphere of furnishing. This enables us to ensure that you receive the best for the money you want to invest – in the repair and furnishing of your entire home.

Children’ room 

Here design is especially important for kids of different age, including teenagers: the things a little child sees around himself/herself to a large extent form her/ his first notions, create aesthetic criteria, educate. A well-designed room may act simultaneously as a stimulus for the intellectual development of a child, for inspiring the adolescent for creative activities, and for ensuring a relaxing environment for their development and growing up. Its design can be more flexible and change according to the needs of the child in such a manner as to make the room “grow up” together with the child with some small changes only.

What should not be forgotten is the safety of the kids’ and teenagers’ rooms – of importance are not only the paints and floorings, but also the materials from which the pieces of furniture are made, the very design of the furnishings.

The color coordination contributes to a great deal to the overall settings and the colors used can also influence the behavior and moods of the children.
You should also bear in mind that for the implementation of the furnishing projects and the provision of each one of the elements of the interior, some time is needed and the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this is with the help of a professional. Hausmeister will provide you with such both for the project of your kids’ room and for its fulfillment.

The investment in a well-designed and qualitatively accomplished safe and inspiring children’s room is one of the most meaningful – to enable our kids irrespective of age, to live and study expediently and happily.

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