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Hausmeister offers complete interior solutions, from the initial idea through to its ultimate realization. In order to facilitate your choice, we have selected some completed model solutions for each room that may serve you as inspiration or idea for your own home. You can review our proposals – it is much likely for you to come across your potential new bathroom, kitchen or living room among them!

We are clearly aware of the latest trends in furnishing, we know the highest quality products and we work with the best companies in the sphere of furnishing. This enables us to ensure that you receive the best for the money you want to invest – in the repair and furnishing of your entire home.

Living room 


This is the room where all the family gathers, as well as the place where we receive friends and guests.  It usually unifies many functions; it is often part of a complete open space incorporating the kitchen and the dining area as well. In order to perform all these functions better, the living room must be well planned – with regularly shaped functional zones and easy access to any of them.

But function is not the only important thing that we should consider – the living room must be welcoming, comfy and cozy; it must reflect the tastes and preferences of its occupants; it must even unite their different requirements in respect of style – yes indeed, this also happens when the wife wants a modern home and the husband prefers classical style. You should not be afraid however; we can help you for such solutions as well, as for the overall interior design of your living room.

It is well known that a good design enhances happiness and wellbeing in a home, adds value to our everyday life. Hausmeister can help you achieve this – we not only follow the trends and novelties in interior design and offer you the best solution for your interior spaces, but we can also implement them with the best masters and products.

You can review some accomplished model solutions for a living room which may serve you as inspiration or idea for your own living room. Irrespective whether you will like any of them, or whether you want something entirely different – call us! We can offer you the best solution suiting your specific needs and requirements.

But do remember that before starting the repairs or placing the cables and wall plugs, you must have a prepared design with a clear concept about the functional distribution in each zone, so as to avoid any subsequent changes. We will help you with your design project and with its implementation!

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