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Hausmeister offers complete interior solutions, from the initial idea through to its ultimate realization. In order to facilitate your choice, we have selected some completed model solutions for each room that may serve you as inspiration or idea for your own home. You can review our proposals – it is much likely for you to come across your potential new bathroom, kitchen or living room among them!

We are clearly aware of the latest trends in furnishing, we know the highest quality products and we work with the best companies in the sphere of furnishing. This enables us to ensure that you receive the best for the money you want to invest – in the repair and furnishing of your entire home.



The saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home is not arbitrary – it ensures some of the most essential functions in it, and often within a limited area. Undoubtedly, we want it to be maximally attractive and well-designed.

It is the place where not only the whole family gathers, but also where we meet friends – have a nice talk while preparing a meal. Probably because of this as well, the open space solutions are increasingly popular at home, too, where the kitchen is a part of the living room, and the function of the dining room as a separate room is already bound to turn obsolete. It has simply been incorporated within the kitchen long time ago.

Another general global trend in interior design is valid for kitchens as well – they successfully combine modern technologies with the warmth of the past expressed in natural materials, mild shapes and warm colors.

Irrespective of what decision you make for your new kitchen, it remains one of the premises in your home requiring maximally accurate and very well considered planning and a detailed designing. Because an error with a part of the centimeter even may cause unexpected additional expenses.

See our kitchen suggestions – they are only ideas which may be of use for you and may turn into the basis for the solution in respect of your own kitchen. We can be helpful to you – with the design, with the implementation of the project, and with the overall repair works. Hausmeister guarantees quality and accuracy, work with the best materials and products available.

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