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Hausmeister offers complete interior solutions, from the initial idea through to its ultimate realization. In order to facilitate your choice, we have selected some completed model solutions for each room that may serve you as inspiration or idea for your own home. You can review our proposals – it is much likely for you to come across your potential new bathroom, kitchen or living room among them!

We are clearly aware of the latest trends in furnishing, we know the highest quality products and we work with the best companies in the sphere of furnishing. This enables us to ensure that you receive the best for the money you want to invest – in the repair and furnishing of your entire home.



The bathroom is a place in one’s home where you can be on your own, relax after a hectic day at work and dream or recharge with energy and good mood. And if it is made in such a manner as to bring us maximum pleasure, this is one of the most valuable investments. And for this purpose it is not at all necessary to invest enormous amounts.

You will be convinced by the bathrooms that follow below. But it is important to know that along with kitchens, bathrooms are the home’s premises which require especially accurate planning – even one centimeter mistake in the design may cost you extra expenses and troubles. And the design project is a mandatory stage of their furnishing.

Here we offer you several model bathroom solutions in various price categories. Each of the displayed bathrooms is only an indicative instance of the various options offered by Hausmeister. You can choose a model or use our suggestions as inspiration for your bathroom design with concrete prices and changes depending on your requirements.

Trust Hausmeister and rest assured that this will spare you such problems. We will perform what is necessary instead of you – after selection of a model, we will also help you make a competent choice of materials and contractors for each particular task, we will ensure quality control and tight schedule for the repairs, as well as strict observance of deadlines. We will submit a final price and insurance for the repair itself. Because to us customer satisfaction and quality of work are significant.

Call us for a site inspection and detailed quotation or submit a request with the help of the form on the right.

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