How do we work?

The work on an interior design project may include various stages and activities  – everything depends on your particular requirements and the contract that we have signed. But in order to reach that point, we start with a first meeting and inspection of the interior space for which you have contacted us. And this may be effected via phone call at 02 9 30 30, and also by a written request through the Application Form to the right on the screen. The buttons below will give you a clearer idea about the possible projects that you may obtain, the stages of work that we pass through and the method of a project implementation.


As probably you have already understood, Hausmeister offers everything under one roof – from finding a home to its furnishing and maintenance, providing you with the necessary professional and financial support as well.


This is especially important stage which is indispensable in view of achieving accurate results, and the site visit itself can inspire the designer with some new ideas. On this first meeting we are introduced to your needs and requirements and that is why it is important for you to provide us with the greatest possible amount of information about what you expect, what exactly you need and what your personal preferences are. Our designer will question you about the exact functions of the particular interior spaces, about the number of people who are to use the space, about your preferred colors, as well as about many other things that can be useful for the accomplishment of a good and working project.

In the course of this visit we will also take the accurate dimensions of the site. The so-called site survey includes taking photographs, taking dimensions and indicating the available outlets for utility systems. The precise survey of the site spares any possible mistakes in designing and hence, in the final implementation. You can imagine what  huge problem it will be if all of a sudden it turns out that the beautiful cupboard that you have chosen does not fit in the area determined for it, or if the electrical appliances turn out to be of such size that does not correspond to the space available for them. Then changes in the overall project are initiated, if we are still at the designing stage...

All this will take you, depending on the dimensions and complexity of the site, between 1 and 3 hours.

As a result of the completed inspection, the conversation and survey of the site, we will offer you a comparatively detailed offer.

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