How do we work?

The work on an interior design project may include various stages and activities  – everything depends on your particular requirements and the contract that we have signed. But in order to reach that point, we start with a first meeting and inspection of the interior space for which you have contacted us. And this may be effected via phone call at 02 9 30 30, and also by a written request through the Application Form to the right on the screen. The buttons below will give you a clearer idea about the possible projects that you may obtain, the stages of work that we pass through and the method of a project implementation.


As probably you have already understood, Hausmeister offers everything under one roof – from finding a home to its furnishing and maintenance, providing you with the necessary professional and financial support as well.


After discussing the quotation and concluding a contract for work, we start designing. This includes several stages that will be described in the contract, but may vary depending on the type of work and the requirements of the customer. We start with preliminary design or  conceptual design and a conceptual solution for the functional distribution of the interior spaces, which, after being approved, grows into detailed design and serves as basis of the overall work on fulfilling your requirements. In order to guarantee the end result, we prefer to carry out author’s supervision, as well as the entire work on the project’s implementation.

The conceptual design based on the talks held determines the main functional zones in the interior space, schematically indicates the separate furniture groups, design proposals, color solutions, pieces of furniture, textile, lighting – all this is carried out after reviewing samples and detailed discussion with you.
After acceptance of the conceptual design by the customer, we start developing the detailed design that includes:

•    detailed plans with all necessary schemes for implementation of the project, such as positioning of the electrical and WS&S installation, locating of lighting units, flooring, gypsum plasterboard elements (if necessary), production of pieces of furniture by special  order if required by the customer (see INDIVIDUAL DESIGN), etc.;
•    developments per walls with details and accurate dimensions;
•    3D interior design with clear presentation of the colors and materials, which we have selected together.

Application Form

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