Care for our customers: We take over the care for the properties of modern urban people, facilitate their lives, spare them time and stress and enable them focus on their main professional engagements and the pleasant use of their personal and free time. We are polite and kind, friendly and clean and perform our activity with the care of good owners, protecting the property of our customers.

Integrity and respect. We are aware that the trust of our customers and partners is gained by honest and loyal actions and we do not risk the achievement of our long-term objectives for possible short-term profits. We respect our customers, assume responsibility for our actions and work with reputable partners.

Openness and honesty We are responsible and punctual, we keep honest dialogue with our customers and partners and we treat them in the way in which we would like to be treated. The information that we provide to our customers is comprehensible, accessible and true. We do not allow any conflict of interests, we do not carry out competitive activity, we do not comment or disseminate any information about our customers and sites.

Professionalism, quality and innovations. Professionalism and consistent quality of our services form the foundation of the long-term partnership with our customers and partners. We are a dynamic and innovative company, which continuously adds new services, products and solutions for its customers – new interior solutions, options for financing of sale and purchase of real estates, repair and finishing works, investment construction, management, maintenance and insurance of real estates.